Why join TAS ?

Telugu Association of Saint Louis (TAS) is a not-for-profit organization started in 1979 by some of our Saint Louis Telugu veterans to establish a vibrant platform for the Saint Louis Telugu Community by collaborating, celebrating, sharing, serving, and representing the values of our great community with the sole purpose of service, support and entertainment. TAS conducts many cultural activities and events every year that are designed not only to celebrate our language, traditions, art and heritage but also to pass them on to our next generations.

Every year TAS conducts the following four major events**:
1) Sankranthi
2) Ugadi
3) Diwali and
4) Family Picnic.
Disclaimer:Local county and city guidelines apply due to pandemic or any unforeseen circumstances.

Entry and food at these events are FREE for TAS members. Besides these events, TAS also conducts various community/volunteer service and other programs exclusively designed for women and youth. These events not only provide our kids to see, participate and learn our culture, but also provide a platform for local Telugu families and newcomers a great social networking opportunity.

We welcome you to come and join this great organization and help promote its goal of bringing this community together through its rich cultural heritage. Due to the current situation of the organization and the timing, the memebrship fees for the reminder of the year are as following:

Membership type Family Extended Family Individual Student (ID Required)
Annual Membership $100 $120 $50 $35
Life Membership $1500
  • Visiting PARENTS of TAS members DO NOT need membership and TAS welcomes them for FREE (no entry fee) to these TAS events.
  • Extended Family members must have the same mailing address.
  • Annual memberships are valid until Dec 31st of the registered year.
If you are a member or planning to become a member or you are a business owner and would like to sponsor, advertise and/or sponsor discounts to TAS members, please feel free to contact

Membership Application form

Method How to do it?
Online TAS online 2024 Membership Registration Form.
At an Event/Venue You can fill-out the form and pay your membership registration by check or cash at the venue.
Please contact, if you have any questions.